The Mental Health Toolkit

One to One Coaching

At times to suit your needs
Dedicated specialist coaching and support from one of our trained and registered Human Givens Practitioners. Enables you to more effectively overcome challenges and changes at home and in the workplace.
Prevent burnout and better handle setbacks and challenges
Reduce stress, think clearly and solve problems
Reduce intrusion of work into home life and recuperation time

Dedicated support to overcome life’s challenges and changes

Our One to One Coaching is for everyone experiencing challenges and changes, either at home or in the workplace. Our confidential sessions will improve your ability to problem solve and resolve situations to benefit your mental health and wellbeing.

Business leaders, senior managers, team leaders and indeed anyone in your organisation can benefit from one-to-one specialist expertise to better deal with the variety of situations you face, such as:

  • A member of your team needs support with getting through a tough time
  • A new manager is struggling to meet their potential
  • You need to overcome the barriers which are holding you or your team back

Our team of trained and registered Human Givens Practitioners can assist you. We bring you cutting-edge knowledge and practical skill to deal with the negative effect of workplace and home pressures. You will gain the practical expertise and tools needed to support your emotional health and wellbeing, for today and the future.

What to expect

You and your coach will meet at a pre-arranged time in a private space.. All sessions are confidential and follow safeguarding protocols. You and your coach will agree what to work on in each session and any goal for coaching between sessions.

Our One to One Coaching can help you to:

  • Prevent burnout
  • Keep a clear head when under pressure
  • Improve relationships
  • Get back to peak performance
  • Improve work/life balance
  • Thrive in your new role and overcome self-doubts and address Impostor Syndrome
  • Take back control of your life
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Communicate with confidence
  • Break the cycle of depression
  • Resolve trauma and triggers
  • Manage anger
  • Stop unhelpful addictive behaviour

What makes our One to One Coaching so effective

Every coaching session is tailored to your needs, and will help you  discover your innate strengths and resources to guide your own change.

We offer practical, effective and forward-focused support using evidence-based interventions from the Human Givens approach.

Our approach will help you to identify the unmet Emotional Needs which may underlie current difficulties, to  gain the insight you need to move forward.

Our coaches draw upon cutting-edge neuroscience and psychology to give you the most effective tools and techniques that you can apply straight away.

If needed, we can provide an evidence-based de-traumatisation technique called Rewind. This helps people to overcome traumatic experiences, including PTSD.

How to book

If you’d like to book, discuss face-to-face options, or would like more information on our One to One Coaching offer, please contact us.

Agreement process

Whether you are an organisation or an individual, we will prepare a Coaching Contract, which will show the costs agreed, as well as our standard terms and conditions. Once this is signed and returned, we will send a confidentiality and coaching agreement for the individual receiving the coaching to agree with their allocated coach, which must be signed and returned prior to any coaching sessions starting.

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