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Prominent PR works for wellbeing thanks to mental health training

Many businesses across various sectors have benefitted from mental health training delivered by the Mental Health Toolkit over the years. Their courses help companies and staff ensure their wellbeing is at the forefront of what they do. One of those businesses is Prominent PR – managing director Helen Rudd explains how it has changed their working life.

As a company, we are incredibly lucky to have always adopted a supportive and understanding environment. Supporting each other’s mental health is something we have always aimed to do, because we know how important it is. Whether it’s creating a safe space to talk, offering mental health days or anything else we think would help. We are always looking for additional ways to support our wellbeing.

That’s where the Mental Health Toolkit training: The Essentials has made a big impact.

Since attending the mental health training, we have adopted approaches to working life we had never thought of. The big takeaway for us was embracing stretch vs stress!

Helen Rudd, Managing Director at Prominent PR

"We have all been guilty of slipping into stress or being too stretched, so identifying the two has really helped. Often, we find ourselves shouting across the office to find out how we’re all feeling – it always gets a chuckle, but it’s extremely helpful! So, if someone is too stretched or experiencing stress, we can take steps to improve it. For example, we can share work loads or help order priorities – having a supportive team like ours really helps.

"The team have all experienced benefits to their wellbeing since the mental health training, which is fantastic to see. By understanding our 12 physical and emotional needs, we have been able to take steps to meet them. And it has been easy to incorporate them into our working days!

Our need for movement is easy to neglect when sitting at a desk, however many of us now go for lunchtime walks. So, we come back feeling refreshed and ready for the afternoon – which in turn helps us work better.

"Also – as we have always done – we constantly look for opportunities to take part in fun things away from the office. From meals to drinks, indoor rock climbing, even axe throwing and more. The mental health training has helped us see how it supports our wellbeing by meeting our need for community.

We thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the training and continue to see benefits – both in work and our personal life.

Thank you to the Mental Health Toolkit team!"

Find out more about the training Prominent PR attended here.

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