The Mental Health Toolkit

Wellbeing Culture Programme

Whole organisation
Our long-term programme, which embeds mental wellbeing in your organisation's culture and creates lasting change within the workplace.
Learn how to adapt your working environment
Create a culture which prevents mental ill health
Increase productivity and performance

Take the long view, and instil mental wellbeing across your organisation

Deloitte (April 2022) estimates that poor mental health will cost employers up to £56 billion in a year; up 25% since 2019. This was before the cost-of-living crisis of Autumn 2022. Our Wellbeing Culture Programme is here to address that.

How the programme works

  • Collect data on wellbeing
  • Make informed decisions about how to build on what’s  already working to support mental health in your organisation, and get expert consultation on how to target what’s a barrier to your colleagues wellbeing
  • Support colleagues who are already unwell

This cycle repeats itself four times, over a period of four years – this creates a process of organisational change, which is continually measured and refined.

Outcomes of the Wellbeing Culture Programme

  • 92% of colleagues feel more able to tell when they’re becoming stressed
  • 88% of colleagues report responding to stress by practicing self-care, 35% by practicing breathing techniques, and 35% talking to their manager about it
  • Managers reports a 23% increase in performance
  • An 18.9% increase in productivity
  • A 29.5% increase in customer, user or patient satisfaction
  • HR teams report a 28% reduction in short-term sickness
  • A 39% decrease in long-term sickness

These were levels reported before the recent pandemic impact and before a job market with heightened skills shortages affecting organisations’ abilities to recruit the right people with the right skills.

What our attendees say about the Wellbeing Culture Programme

We have been working with The Mental Health Toolkit (Suffolk Mind) over the past year to enhance our understanding of mental wellbeing. This has taken the form of quarterly Emotional Needs Audits as well as more formal training seminars on subjects such as stress management and the innate human needs. We have benefited greatly from this insight with encouraging feedback from employees. We have found all of the Suffolk Mind team to be friendly, professional, engaging and knowledgeable and the process as a whole to be extremely worthwhile and one that we intend to incorporate into our ongoing business strategies.”

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